Choices: Stories You Play – Enhance the Strategy and Earn More Rewards


The growth of mobile gamers is increasing daily, so the users as well. Mobile game users know about plenty of games because it’s to install and play any game on mobile games. Same as this, the game Choices: stories you play in mobile devices is an amazing and unique game. Players love to enjoy and entertained by this game. Role-playing category lets the user control various players of the game, and every player has their different story to go through.

There are various types of strategies and tips that will help players to complete chapters. Completing chapter and stories reward with diamond, players can buy new stuff from achieved rewards. Even if they don’t have enough, the currency, they can use choices cheats for easy achievements.

In order to know more about game read it below –

s  There are various kinds of stories in the game, romantic, detective, doctor, and many more stories players can take part in.

s  Completing stories gain experience rewards that help in achieving such bigger rewards. Also, it helps to unlock new chapters and stories as well.

s  Create your favorite style of player and add new accessories and outfits to wear while playing the game.

s  Every week developers provide new stories that keep busy players and enjoy their time to play those chapters.

Currency – Keys and diamonds are the two major currencies of the game. Keys are the primary currency of the game, it is used to correct the mistakes, and if players don’t these, they can use choices cheats. Every player wants to customize the characters of the game with new dresses or other things. In game players can add new accessories. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, which helps to buy new characters.

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