Need to know about 5 major currencies in Dragons: Titan Uprising


Are you crazy about games? If yes then you can go with Dragons Titan Uprising Review. The game consists of various dragons, and we can train them for battles. Such battles are for earning currency, and some amount of currency is best to start in the game. It is a combination of puzzles, and you have to match perfectly for leveling up in the game. To quick access to the currency, we can go with many smart tools and in which you will fight in the team also. The players have to build the legend team for smashing the rival dragons.

About five in-game currencies

In the game, we will see various resources and currencies. The five main currencies of the game are gold coins, eggs, fish, scales, runes. All of them have different roles, so we need to know the actual use of currencies. Below, we explain the vital use of all currencies.

Gold coins

It is one of the prime currencies, and gold coins are for the hatching process. The players can upgrade new things. For getting it, we should complete all missions, and you can also get by campaign mode.


The eggs are needed for hatching, and we can breed new dragons. The number of such currency is beneficial for upgrading the dragons. Anyone can add many eggs by finishing some kinds of quests and competitions.


It is the right currency for leveling up in the game, and you will obtain the fishes with online events. The players can enhance the power of dragons and lead in the fights.

Scales and runes

You will train the dragons with scales currency, but runes are used for adding additional dragons. The players can master the game by earning enough amounts of both currencies.




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