Play fun and exciting game: Lifeafter


Lifeafter is a survival game where one had to explore their skills with the players and also with their friends for striking wild animals, infected zombies and also one can had to strike for their survival. One can also customize the look of the character in the following game and after that you had to land on the unknown land for the play way. One can craft and customize not only their favorite character but also the resources related with the game that is weapons, health material, ammo, craft tools and many more. You can also use Lifeafter Cheats to know more about the way require for customizing the character and resources as the way you like it for the game.

Know about Aleksey or NPC

Here you had to move to find the NPC which is also known as Aleksey for the particular game. The following will guide you in the game till you did not get the tutorial. After you were able to get the tutorial quest the following will be killed by the infected creature, one can also call the creature as Lozarov. One can check the collected quest from time to time by the help of the regular visit of the screen where you had to go to the left corner of the screen. One can collect lots of resources which are stone, food, ore, wood and many more for the completion of your quest.

Collect the resources

One can easily talk with the NPC, after collecting all the resources or the task which is given to them. You had to follow or chase the dog for the escaping way as the dog will give you instruction how to move further in the game and also guide you in concern of ladder. Aleksey will help you to what to do to leave the map with the aid of helicopter and what are the easiest ways to be taken for moving to the home. After all that you have to finally deal with the Lazrov and the Zombies.



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